About Us

Jim Logan


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Logan was CEO and Founder of MicroTouch Systems, which he took public in 1992 and sold to 3M for $200M in 2000. He also founded Gotuit Media (sold to Tivo) and Personal Audio, a patent company that has successfully monetized some of his 40+ patents. He has a BA from Hamilton College and an MBA from Dartmouth.

Dr. John Apostolos

Chief Scientist

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Dr. Apostolos has over 45 years of experience at BAE Systems (formerly Sanders and Lockheed) and is the inventor of the Meander Line technology, the basis of StarCross inc. He has a PhD in Physics from UNH, is an inventor in the Electronic Warfare Hall of Fame, and holds over 130 patents.

Bob Senior

VP, Business Development

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Senior was VP of Worldwide Sales for MicroTouch Systems. Later he held CEO, and VP Sales positions in several public and startup companies. He has been a board director at FlatFrog Laboratories, digitalvision Ltd, and Trunk Images. He has a BE in Physics from Exeter University in England.

Bill Muyous


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Mouyos has over 20 years of experience at Sanders, Lockheed, and BAE. Previously, he served over 13 years in the Air Force and National Guard. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters Certificate from Johns Hopkins University and holds over 35 patents.

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Sean Hallinan

Director, Antenna Engineering

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Ramberg comes from Laird, a world-leading antenna company, where he  headed up the base-station antenna group, leading a group of 10 engineers and interfacing with a 500-person manufacturing facility in Malaysia. He has an EE from the University of Illinois and Masters from the University of Lund in Sweden.

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Bill McNary

Director of Programs

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Billetter has had over 35 years experience in quality and operations and spent the last seven years at the NH antenna maker AeroSat, a supplier of satellite antennas for commercial aircraft enabling in-flight WiFi. At AeroSat she was Engineering R&D Lab Manager.

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Walt Grischuk

Director of Global Supply Chain

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Grischuk has 30 years of manufacturing experience, predominantly in Materials and Program Management. He co-founded Ora Technology in 2002, and previously was VP at CTI Technology, a multi-national EMS.  He is a graduate of Boston College and authored: “Supply Chain Brutalization, the Handbook for Contract Manufacturing.